Event page -The 9th Annual Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Global Summit

Note: All videos are prerecorded


Times below are (GMT+8)
15:00 intro Introduction to the Summit Dr. Liz Greenstreet, Dr. Nora Schneider

Section 1. Gut and immune development

  intro Introduction Section 1 speakers Dr. Liz Greenstreet, Dr. Nora Schneider
15:06 Icon for speaker Bioactive nutrition and infant gut development Dr. Ryan Carvalho
15:24 Icon for speaker Hot topics in bioactive nutrition – gangliosides Dr. Ryan Carvalho
15:42 Icon for speaker Hot topics in bioactive nutrition – HMOs and MOS Dr. Colin Cercamondi
16:05 Icon for speaker Importance of faecal biomarkers and the microbiome’s role in child health and disease… Is it really all about the poop? Dr. Ben Gold

Section 2. Gut–brain-axis development

16:38 intro Introduction Section 2 speakers Dr. Liz Greenstreet, Dr. Nora Schneider
16:41 Icon for speaker Development and evolution of the gut:brain axis Dr. Peter Lu
17:00 Icon for speaker Microbiota and the social brain Dr. Siobhain O’Mahony
17:31 Icon for speaker Toddler sociability Dr. Nora Schneider

Section 3. Brain and cognitive development

17:48 intro Introduction Section 3 speakers Dr. Liz Greenstreet, Dr. Nora Schneider
17:51 Icon for speaker Brain and cognitive development – a focus on myelination and executive functions Dr. Barry O’Neill
18:07 Icon for speaker The role of polar lipids in brain and cognitive development Dr. Pascal Steiner
18:34 Icon for speaker Brain development and nutrition in toddlers – an update from the Baby Connectome Project – Enriched Prof. Weili Lin
19:03 Icon for speaker HMOs in brain development Dr. Jonas Hauser
19:10 intro Conclusion and thank-you note Dr. Liz Greenstreet, Dr. Nora Schneider


Doctor Ryan
Dr. Ryan Carvalho Wyeth Nutrition Vevey, Switzerland

Dr. Ryan Carvalho

Dr Ben Gold
Dr. Ben Gold Children’s Center for Digestive Health Care Georgia, USA

Dr. Ben Gold

Doctor peter Lu
Dr. Peter Lu Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus, OH, USA

Dr. Peter L. Lu

Professor Weili Lin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Prof. Weili Lin

Dr Barry O’Neill
Dr. Barry O’Neill Nestlé R&D Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Barry O’Neill

Dr Shiobain 0'Mahony
Dr. Siobhain O’Mahony University College Cork Cork, Ireland

Dr. Siobhain O’Mahony

Dr Johan
Dr. Jonas Hauser Neuroscientist span class="addr">Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Jonas Hauser

Dr. Colin Cercamondi Senior clinical scientist R&D Vevey, Switzerland

Dr. Colin Cercamondi

Dr Pascal Steiner
Dr. Pascal Steiner Head of the Department of Brain Health Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Pascal Steiner

Dr Nora Schneider
Dr. Nora Schneider Lead of Neurocognition group Wyeth Nutrition Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Nora Schneider